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How to Plan Your Trip Even When You’re in Lockdown

Here are our 5 trip planning ideas even when you’re stuck at home.

Your summer 2020 holiday plans have been turned upside down, and whether you’re in full lockdown or not, even the idea of going on holiday might seem like a distant dream right now. A trip to the supermarket might be your only planned outing at the moment, so why not start thinking further ahead and beyond your four walls. Planning a future holiday is a great anxiety buster, can help reintroduce some normality into your daily life and can help pass the time.

1. Don’t Stop Dreaming

Yes, things are different, and you’re going to need to be a little more adaptable than you might have been before with your holiday planning. But don’t let new circumstances stop you from dreaming. Whether you’re wishing for a countryside holiday in the UK, a beach holiday in Spain, or somewhere else, having something to look forward to can reintroduce a little bit of normality into your life. 

2. Family First

Spending time with loved ones has never seemed more valuable than it has right now. Maybe you’ve got kids at home or maybe you’re wishing you could spend some time with relatives further afield; now’s the time to start planning a family holiday or a trip with friends. Get together on a video call, swap your background for a dreamy Spanish beach, grab a drink, put on your sunglasses and start planning the perfect family holiday together.

3. Discover Different

With so much ‘new’ to get used to, every day can be a fresh challenge. But for many of us it’s also been an opportunity to slow things down and spend more time consciously planning for the future. Whether it’s grocery shopping or social interactions, using this extra time to plan ahead can help us appreciate the little things even more than we did before. Take some of that conscious-planning mindset on holiday with you and spend more time researching the area, discovering nearby towns, picture-perfect places of natural beauty, local markets and off-the-beaten-path coves and beaches. 

4. Language Learning

Add some language learning to your new role as home-school teacher or for a meaningful break from series binge-watching. Getting to know the basics or even levelling up your language abilities will not only help you get to know locals better, it will give you a new appreciation for your destination when you arrive. 

5. Support Local, Book Direct

When you book your hotel direct, you’ll often be putting a little more money straight into the business. And in these tough financial times, every little bit helps. By booking direct, you may also get the best price and might even gain more flexibility with booking and cancellation policies. When you arrive at your destination search out local businesses, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Buying something and leaving a review can help even the smallest businesses get back on their feet.

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